Chinnari Pellikuturu is famous in Maa TV

balika-vadhuThere is a lot of difference between the old tv shows and new tv shows. The old tv shows are aired by not keeping the money in the minds. They picturize the serial for the fame and to make the family united, to give good social messages to the next future generations. Now a days the serials are not at all caring all these things and doing the shows for time pass and for the money. Every director and the producer must change this type of attitude. This is not a good thing. The old directors must teach some lessons to the new directors. As these fellows are not at all showing the interest towards the family values. They have to spend time at least from now on wards. The new directors even do not have good experience and directly coming in to the field with some recommendations. Some are in the industry based on the caste based situations. These will spoil the talented persons in the Industry. The people who are having less talent wit out any proper training are doing scenes to drag the situations. If they do not have proper stories they are not knowing what they are doing. I am requesting each and every director in the serial industry to change to make the family audience happy with their stories and the characters. For example if you take Chinnari Pellikuthuru in Telugu. They are giving main preference to the family values and to the money. That is the reason it is getting more Chinnari Pellikuturu in MAA TV when compared to the other tv shows. Every director must give a social messages through there serials at least once in a week. Instead of dragging they have to concentrate on the story other wise people will get bored of it and will change the channels if they repeat like this once again. They have to give chance and encourage the new actors.